Match Report
Moulsford Preparatory School U9 Stormers vs  Dragon School
On: Tuesday, 28 Nov 2023
Venue: Away

Crusaders blown away by the ferocious Dragon…

In a land where dragons roared and knights held sway,

Moulsford's Under 9 Crusaders gathered there to play.

Against Moulsford, their rivals and kin,

A clash of young titans was about to begin.

The battle unfolded on the rugby field,

A match where only the bravest could yield.

The Crusaders fought with heart and might,

In a game where the scoreline told of the fight.

Dixon, a stalwart in the defensive line,

A shield for his team, oh so divine.

Balancing the forces, like a dragon in flight,

He kept the formation with all his might.

Raworth, a runner with power untold,

Through medieval fields, his story unfolds.

In the second half, a try he did find,

A moment of glory for the Crusader kind.

Frizzell, a scorer, with eight tries in tow,

Battled till the end, putting on a show.

The game reached its climax in the final minutes,

As the Crusaders pushed on with all their limits.

Hoyle, a defender with skills so grand,

In the second half, he took a stand.

A tackle so fierce, a knock-on was forced,

The ball turned over, victory endorsed.

McDonald, a runner, in the scrum half's role,

Passing with precision into hands was his goal.

McGlynn, with perseverance throughout, he tried and tried.

And a tackle so valiant, the attacker nearly cried!

As the season concluded, a chapter complete,

Positives to take, challenges to meet.

Tackling techniques and support in play,

The Crusaders will work on, come what may.

To the parents who cheered from the side,

Their support, a beacon, in which the boys bide.

Through victories and losses, they stood strong,

A chorus of gratitude, a heartfelt song.

So, in this tale of rugby and medieval lore,

The Crusaders fought, their spirits soar.

In defeat, they find lessons, so many to learn,

Dragons will be slayed, next season it's their turn!

Squad - McDonald, McGlynn, Raworth, Frizzell, Hoyle and T Dixon.

Mr Chaffey