Match Report
Moulsford Preparatory School Boys-U11A vs  The Beacon School
On: Wednesday, 15 Nov 2023
Venue: Away

Under 11A come up short against a strong Beacon outfit..

In the absence of Mr. Albon, I was trusted with the responsibility of leading the Colts A team, I found myself at the helm for a challenging away match against Beacon Prep. Despite the commendable efforts of the Moulsford boys, they faced a formidable Beacon side that demonstrated their six-week advantage in terms of match experience.

The game kicked off with Moulsford looking promising, displaying clever handling skills and quick line speed that initially put them in control. Notably, Ash broke through defensive lines, while Jewell and Jones exploited spaces through the middle. Simarro quickly put points on the board, scoring under the posts after a turnover by Gibson and Houlihan-Smith, with Jones providing the crucial pass.

However, the tides turned as Beacon found their form, exposing gaps in the Moulsford defensive line. Four unanswered tries in the first half left Moulsford deflated, and a reassessment was in order during half time. The kicking game and miss-pass attempts proved ineffective, leading to turnovers and missed opportunities. The boys addressed these issues at halftime, showing improved attacking prowess in the second half.

Despite better attacking efforts, Beacon's resilience held firm, turning over possession when Moulsford ventured into their half. Beacon capitalised on overloads off the ruck, further emphasising their experience. Renwick-Forster, Sturges, Gibson, and Russell showcased great defensive efforts, but Beacon's strength ultimately reflected in the final score.

In a glimmer of hope in the closing minutes, Moulsford simplified their approach, executing quick passes and drawing defenders. James delivered a simple yet effective pass to Bowers, who exploited the gap created, resulting in a well-deserved try.

The match against Beacon Prep provided Moulsford with valuable insights into areas for improvement on their rugby journey. The boys' efforts were commendable, and the lessons learned from this tough encounter will undoubtedly contribute to their growth as a team. If we can work on some of these areas in games it will go a long way to deciding the outcome in their upcoming match against Lambrook next Wednesday. Additionally, we send our best wishes to Mr. Albon for a speedy recovery from his sickness bug. You were certainly missed on the sidelines this afternoon!

Squad - Houlihan-Smith, Simarro, Jewell, James, Russell, Sturges, Gibson, Jones, Ash, Renwich-Forster and Bowers

Mr Chaffey