Match Report
Moulsford Preparatory School Boys-U11E vs  The Beacon School
On: Wednesday, 15 Nov 2023
Venue: Away

Under 11E Put On A Show In Amersham…

In a scintillating rugby match that showcased skill, teamwork, and determination, Moulsford Prep School emerged victorious with a commanding 55-35 win over Beacon Prep. The match, held on a crisp Wednesday afternoon, was a testament to the hard work and dedication put in by the Moulsford players, who displayed exceptional prowess on the playing fields.

The away side's scoring was nothing short of impressive, with notable contributions from Rowland-Clark, Linares (scoring twice), and the standout performer of the day, Gillington, who crossed the try line an astonishing eight times. The game was conducted under the watchful eye of the esteemed Mr. Russell, who ensured that the spirit of sportsmanship prevailed throughout.

One of the significant storylines of the match was the altered lineup for Moulsford, with the Under 11s fielding nearly a full quota of players. This adjustment allowed Moulsford to put out five sides, demonstrating the depth and talent within the year group. The tactical adjustments seemed to pay off as Moulsford kept their shape and executed their tackles with precision, a focus emphasised in their training sessions leading up to the game from Mr Symonds, Skinner and Chaffey.

Defensively, the trio of Winckworth, Emanuel, and Miron-Canosa stood out, effectively shutting down Beacon's attacking plays by denying them space. Meanwhile, J Richards, Linares, and Rowland-Clark showcased exceptional attacking prowess, demonstrating a level of rugby expertise beyond their years as they moved the ball with speed and precision down the line creating overloads across the pitch.

While Beacon had their moments and managed to put points on the board with strong runs, Moulsford remained resolute in their commitment to improving their tackling. The team acknowledged the need to refine this aspect of their game before facing Lambrook in their upcoming fixture next Wednesday..

A special mention goes to Gillington for his outstanding performance, scoring an incredible eight tries. His speed, directness, and evasive style proved to be a constant threat to the opposition. Credit was also given to Mr. English, who stepped in to lead the team to victory in the absence of Mr Chaffey (who was moved sideways to cover the unwell Mr Albon), showing his adept coaching skills. The result and performance was never in doubt with these boys and the super positive Mr Russell at the wheel!

As the team looks ahead, the focus now shifts to the next challenge as The Under 11s prepare to welcome Lambrook. The players, coaching staff, and supporters are eager to build on this success and continue their positive momentum in the coming weeks. The camaraderie and sportsmanship displayed in this fixture set a promising tone for Moulsford Prep School's rugby season.

Squad - Miron-Canosa, Linares, Richards, Winckworth, Emanuel, Gillington and Rowland-Clark

Mr Chaffey