Match Report
Moulsford Preparatory School Under 10 Cross Country vs  The Oratory School XC Event - Rearranged Date
On: Tuesday, 05 Mar 2024
Venue: Away

Cross Country Report: Oratory School Meet

Date: 5 Mar 2024

Location: The Oratory School

The sun graced us with its presence as we embarked on a memorable Cross Country event at the Oratory School. Despite the recent weather, the afternoon turned out to be unexpectedly warm, adding an extra layer of challenge for the boys. The team comprised seven determined boys in the Under 10 race and six more in the Under 11 category. With spirits high, we arrived early, allowing ample time to acquaint ourselves with the course - a crucial step given that this marked the longest competitive run for the boys, spanning a challenging 2.5 kilometres.

U10 Race:

The U10 race kicked off with enthusiasm and it quickly became apparent that our boys were ready for the challenge. Buff and Humphreys set an impressive pace, running side by side throughout the race. In a nail-biting finish, Humphreys secured a commendable second place, narrowly edging out Buff at the finish line. Meanwhile, Robinson showcased exceptional form, leaving the majority of the field in his wake.

Another notable duo, Soles and Jones, displayed true sportsmanship, supporting each other from start to finish. Their camaraderie was a testament to the team spirit fostered at Moulsford. Roy and Stokes strategically reserved energy for the demanding final stretch, helping the U10 team to secure a fantastic 1st place overall.

U11 Race:

The U11 race featured a larger number of participants, making the start interesting. The route began with a steep downhill before turning right where the boys were funnelled through a narrow passage. Despite this challenging start, all of our U11s rose to the occasion, navigating the tricky terrain superbly.

Chamberlain set an early pace towards the front of the pack, running a superb race and securing the top spot amongst our Moulsford U11s. Gilligton closely followed Chamberlain, displaying a fast yet smart race. A sea of red and yellow emerged as Russell, Houghton and Starmer-Smith hunted down any competition in their way, all running incredibly well and fighting until the end. Marett, not far behind, showcased strategic planning by studying those who had come before him, ensuring he had something left for the steep finish. This exceptional performance by our U11s rounded off a great run for our Colts.


The Oratory School Cross Country meet was not only a test of endurance but also a showcase of teamwork and determination. The team exhibited exceptional sportsmanship, with notable performances in both the U10 and U11 races. As a team, we look forward to more challenges and victories in next year's events, building on the foundation of hard work and mutual support established throughout the Cross Country season.

We extend our thanks to the parents who cheered on the boys with enthusiasm. Your support is invaluable and contributes significantly to the vibrant atmosphere of these meets. I must also extend my thanks to Mr. Saunders. The boys thoroughly enjoyed his energy and extensive knowledge of the sport, which not only eased their nerves but also allowed them to fully enjoy the event.

Finally, I want to express my personal appreciation. Having had the privilege of watching your boys run over the past 3 Cross Country meets has been a truly special experience for me. These memories will be cherished as I look back on my time as a Gappie. It has been incredible to witness their growth in confidence and the continuous improvement in their running abilities. Here's to hoping that this journey of progress and success continues for each and every one of them!